I’ve been talking about the erotic shoot I did with the fantastic David early last month. Finally I can show you some of the results. QAMA Technology is out now. It’s interesting to see how other artists explore the same theme in such different ways and those different viewpoints should be celebrated. These days with technology giving us social media, too often other people’s opinions are very quickly vilified.

With this series I wanted to explore the idea that it is quite often the porn or sex industries that champion new technology. Video changed the porn world forever and now the internet is used enthusiastically for porn use. Now people are using quite lifelike sex dolls to get their rocks off when they don’t have someone else handy to play with. At a time when people are expressing concerns over artificial intelligence I wanted to play with the idea that sex robots could develop their own urges while at the same time referencing how detached from humanity and emotion we are becoming around sex with Grindr etc making it so easy to get our rocks off without connection.

These images are quite unlike anything else I’ve done with the digital manipulation. Please click on the image above to see the images at full size. There are details that will be missed at the smaller size. David was so great to work with. It’s rare to find a model so willing to go this far and to put his faith in your vision.

Because of the adult content, to view QAMA Technology you will need to create a login for the issu site but it’s free and easy. You can also download the full document from there.