A few months before I was made redundant from my job I lost the use of the studio at work for a couple of reasons not related to me, then with the redundancy and a lack of a studio I haven’t really been doing much photography. That all seems poised to change.

This morning I was put in touch with Mr Gay Brazil 2016, Rafael Fagundes who happens to be in Australia. Normally I second guess myself and hesitate to contact people about doing a shoot but that strategy hasn’t worked that well in the past (duh) so I sent him a message straight away and we are doing a simple beach shoot early on Thursday morning. On Saturday I have a paid shoot from someone that has seen my work and wants to push himself out of his comfort zone and pose for me. Then on Sunday I’m doing the sexy duo erotic shoot for the fourth issue of QAMA Magazine which sadly won’t be out for a few months.

Then the following weekend I am shooting another Brazilian who has offered to do a shoot. The next day I’m doing another shoot with Timothy. Our last collaboration was really successful and while I haven’t quite nailed down the concept for this one I can’t wait to catch up again and work together. Timothy is one of those guys that works ridiculously hard on his body and looks amazing but is very critical of himself. My goal is to make sure he realises how good he is.

In the next month or so there are a few of other guys that I’ve spoken about doing a shoot with as well so it would appear that my photography dry spell has ended. I hope the results are good!