A couple of days ago I posted that I was about to be tied up in elaborate Shibari knots by Kinbaku by Gatsby. Well on the way to the shoot I started to second guess myself thinking I wasn’t in the right shape etc but Sam has a fantastic easy nature and is very good at what he does.

When I first walked in he had just finished up a 5 hour shoot with two well known acrobats, Stephane Kier-Haffner and Kyle Kier-Haffner who perform all around the world and have done some beautiful photo shoots together and solo. That was a little intimidating and confronting but they were both lovely guys. Sadly they were fully dressed again by the time I got there.

After they left it took about 2 minutes before I was naked and ropes were being applied. within another ten minutes the first rope setup was done and I was posing for the camera. An hour and a half later I had been tied up in three different ways and been photographed in poses that left nothing to the imagination.

I really enjoyed the experience and highly recommend it. I’d also never thought I’d be at all interested in being tied up. It’s not a fetish that I’m suddenly into but it was quite a fun experience. I’ll share some images when I get them.