Warning: I’m drunk blogging.

This morning was the announcement of the Marriage Equality Postal Survey results and Australia has voted. 61.6% of Australia has voted in support of making marriage equality legal. I have to say it’s been a way more emotional morning than I anticipated. I spent the morning and heard the results along with a few thousand LGBT people and supporters in a park in Sydney and when the results came in I cried like a baby.

Australia has validated me as a person and said they approve of my choice to marry whom I love.

Tony Abbott our former Prime Minister has had an overwhelming defeat in his own electorate. He has campaigned hard for a NO vote even though he has a lesbian sister. He has called equality “political correctness gone mad” and his electorate voted YES with 75% of the vote. Sucked in Tony. You are a bigot and an asshole who is out of touch with reality.

I’m still reeling with emotions. Maybe I hadn’t really dealt with coming out as much as I thought I had but today I feel vindicated. Fingers crossed next week the Parliament will debate the Marriage Equality bill and vote yes to equality.

This weekend I have my second wedding ceremony as a celebrant and hopefully it will be the second and last time I have to say the words “Marriage is between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others.”