I posted recently about how uncertain life is feeling at the moment, given my work situation. This morning I managed to drag myself to the gym and was planning a good circuit style of workout to try and burn some fat and get my blood pumping for the day.

That didn’t happen. On the way from my car to the gym I ran into a guy that I went on a few really good dates with just after I got back from Europe. He found our connection too good and it brought up issues he had around a break up last year. Then he told me he wanted to hang out as friends and I was ok-ish with that but then he ghosted me.

There’s been one or two text messages in the last couple of months but no explanation. I would have been happy with a smile and a wave as he ran past but he stopped for a chat. He apologised for ghosting me and admitted it was a shitty thing to do but I still didn’t get any explanation out of him. The encounter left me a bit rattled. It was before 6.30am and I certainly wasn’t expecting to run into him.

One of my friends calls him an arsehole now and she keeps threatening to trip him up when she sees him run past. He’s a nice guy and considering how rattled I felt after this morning, I guess I was still holding out hope that he might come back for some reason.