Now that I don’t have free access to the studio at my old work anymore, I’m turning my camera to the outdoors once again. I have a few models lined up to photograph and I’ve been trying to find inspiration for how to shoot them. One of them we have an idea but the weather was against us on Saturday so that shoot was postponed.

One of the other guys is someone I came across through the work of Luke Austin (I think that’s where I found him) a few years ago and have recently rediscovered on Instagram. He has a bit of a different vibe or look to a lot of my models but he’s really keen to collaborate and I’ve wanted to photograph him since seeing him a few years back. Another one of the guys is a different look all together. We caught up for a chat about doing a shoot today after several failed attempts and we’ve settled on an idea.

I really enjoyed some of the origami and paper shoots that I did last year and it’s time to revisit that theme with the two guys I’d been struggling to find inspiration for. I’ve shown them both the shots I’ve already done in the series (above) and they are both on board. One especially is very keen and loved them. I get the impression from him that he’s a very positive and upbeat person in general. The other guy is a little more reserved. Firstly, English isn’t his first language and secondly I think while he’s really keen for the shoot, that he’s quite critical of himself in photos.

Fingers crossed the shoots turn out well.