I looked at my YouTube account this morning and in three days my Germany vlog has had very close to as many views as my Iceland vlog which has been up for about ten days. That was unexpected. Iceland is so popular now as a destination that I thought it would have had more views but clearly not.

I’m putting this down to a couple of things and I’m asking for feedback on the first one. Personally, if a vlog or any video on YouTube is too long then I am less likely to watch it. A vlog over ten minutes is much less likely to be viewed unless it’s from someone I really like. The Iceland vlog was just over 9 minutes and the Germany one was only 5 minutes. Was that a factor for people? Who knows, my readers here may not have been the ones watching at all.

I’m also guessing that one of the hashtags I put on the German video might have helped. I tagged it with #nudism because I do talk about the German attitude towards nudity in the video. Quick update, their attitude is amazing. I didn’t put a clickbait title on the video like naked in the park because I don’t actually get naked in the video and bullshit clickbait drives me crazy.

I do like vlogging and I’m getting more comfortable with a camera in my own face but I need to get out and have some of those little adventures I spoke about filming months ago.