Watching a beautiful romantic but ultimately sad movie the other night, had me in tears. Not just watery eyes but tears running down my face. Now, anyone that knows me will tell you that I cry at the dumbest things like Qantas commercials, wedding proposals and all sorts of things so a really romantic tale was always going to have me crying.

What I have realised in the past few weeks is that with my uncertain work life at the moment and financial stress that comes with not knowing when you’re working next I’m feeling uncertain in other ways as well. It seems to have translated into another lonely phase where I’d love some romance and affection. I guess that’s fairly normal when life is uncertain that you crave stability in other areas. Sadly I don’t have that at the moment and haven’t for years.

I’m trying not to give that too much headspace because that never works out well dwelling on it. Instead I am aiming for better workouts and eating healthier. The workouts will get rid of built up tension and looking after myself in general can’t be a bad thing and always helps my emotional well being. I’m sure this will pass and I really need to focus on work without being distracted by being single.