Today has not been an average day. Part of the appeal of this freelancing work is that I never quite know what is going to happen.

This morning started with a massage that was sorely needed and necessarily sore. Yesterday I pulled something in my back and my lower back and gluten went into spasm. So while the massage wasn’t pleasant because it was painfully firm. Having said that, a massage that is focused on my butt and legs is always good.

Then I had a photography gig at a media launch of some new cool noise cancelling headphones. One of the ways they decided to showcase the noise cancelling capabilities of the headphones was to send the participants for a joy flight in a sea plane. A couple of people couldn’t make it so I got myself a free ride over Sydney harbour and down to Bondi beach in a sea plane.

Then to finish off the day I went and helped a friend, who owns a local Thai restaurant by painting her face for Halloween. Tonight in her restaurant that isn’t actually doing anything special for Halloween but she has a face that now looks like a crazy Tim Burton animated character.

Days like this are awesome.
Update: This was written on Tuesday but I apparently forgot to post it.