I’ve just got home from seeing a film that I’d never heard of until this afternoon. A friend asked me if I had anything to do this evening. He’d won a couple of tickets to see “Film stars don’t die in Liverpool” and neither of us had any idea what it was about. It turns out it wasn’t the romantic comedy my mate anticipated.

It turns out it is a beautiful but sad and true story of Gloria Grahame, an American film star who passed away in 1981 after a huge career including an Oscar win in the 40’s and 50’s. I’m not sure how faithfully the movie tells the story but in the movie she is in love with a British man younger than her children.

The story is beautifully done in the way that only British Films can be. The visual style and the story is just beautiful but at the end I sprung a leak from my eyes so I might have missed some of the story. Not sure what happened.