In three hours from now I’m supposed to be going to an orgy. There is a group that organises them every few months and a couple of friends have been and said they are fun.

Right now I’m not sure I’m going. My friend that was going to go with me and has been before has just pulled out (pun intended) because he’s sick. So now, not only am I hungover and not feeling wildly horny, I’m also going alone.

The only time I’ve ever been to a big organised orgy I hated it. It was many years ago and it was way too crowded with 200 guys and very very few of them my type. This one is a different group and I’m led to believe about 50 guys.

Part of me wants to bail out. I can’t work out if it is nerves or the hangover/tiredness. I’ve been curious about these events for a while now though so I am going to shake it off, get myself all ready and go. Fingers crossed I’ll get caught up in the vibe of it all and if not I can always leave.