In the past week or so I’ve posted about sexual behaviour at a nudist event on Saturday night and about sexual behaviour causing problems at a nude beach.

I completely understand that sex is a very natural part of life and I don’t by any stretch believe that sex and nudity are always separate. But I’m curious as to why the connection between nudity and sex is so immediate? When I was in Berlin and went to a lake surrounded by nudists sunbathing and swimming in the middle of a forest, a location that would have been perfect for cruising if it was here in Sydney, there was not a trace of sexual behaviour.

It was the same at the mix gender sauna with literally hundreds of people sharing baths, saunas, pools, steam rooms and even locker/change rooms with no sexual behaviour at all.

As a friend pointed out, it’s just not normal enough here. Sure we have nude beaches and there are probably hundreds of thousands of nudists in Australia but it’s just not normalised the way it is in places like Germany, the birthplace of modern nudism.

Communal showers are all but gone, no P.E. classes shower after class anymore and everyone thinks it’s weird to be comfortable nude. Let’s take a leaf out of the German’s book and drop the pants.

Sailing Croatia from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.