At the nude party on Saturday night I was very pleasantly surprised at the variety of guys there. Unlike last time I went many years ago there were guys of all ages there.

What wasn’t a surprise was the behaviour of some of the guys. The host designates a single area for shenanigans that is out of the way of everyone else who isn’t partaking. Some guys didn’t really respect that and while it wasn’t full on it wasn’t ideal.

There was one guy there who I’d met several years ago at the other event who back then couldn’t seem to get into his head that I wasn’t interested. On Saturday night he was leering at people as he wandered around. At one point we were all in the shallow end of the pool which was a bit crowded. He walked past behind my friend and had plenty of room but for some reason felt it necessary to drag his big cock right across my friend’s shoulder as he went past. That sort of thing just pisses me off. It’s just not appropriate.

Before anyone comments that it was probably just accidental, it clearly wasn’t. There was a foot of space behind him and it was very deliberate.