There is a small stretch of beach several hours north of Sydney, just out of Byron Bay that is causing some controversy. There have been problems with sexual assault in the dunes behind the nude beach and people want to revoke the nudist status of the beach because as we all know non-nudists associate nudism with sexual behaviour. Now there is the undeniable fact that there is usually an area where men hook up near every nude beach.

Someone I know on Facebook was saying that there aren’t enough nudists to make it a big deal, just let the beach go and all nude beaches should be privately run beaches. REALLY? There are literally tens of thousands of kilometres of beach in Australia and we can’t just have a few small slices of that set aside for nudists?

Sure, I’ve misbehaved plenty of times at nude beaches but as another friend pointed out, people have sex in all sorts of places they aren’t supposed to. Why not crack down on the sexual assault and other inappropriate behaviour that is causing the problems and let the nudists have their space?

I’m getting very sick of arguments on all sorts of topics where someone doesn’t see something as important to preserve just because it’s not important to them.

Stunts from Christian P. on Vimeo.