Well, once again, I’ve aged another year. I thought my contract said this wasn’t supposed to happen. This morning at 6am, 7th October I turned 44.

At 9am my model arrived to do an erotic shoot for Qama Magazine edition three. As usual I hadn’t slept particularly well which always happens before a shoot and especially since I haven’t done one for a few months. Thankfully David is so easy to work with and had exactly the right look for this shoot.

It will be sometime in November that the magazine is released and the images have a lot of work to be done on them as the concept is one that requires a lot of photoshop trickery but the base images are exactly what I needed so that is a great start.

Tonight I’ll be having a dinner party with a bunch of good friends and if our usual evenings are anything to go by, lots of laughs, delicious food and probably too much wine will be enjoyed. Perfect. Tomorrow I’ll feel every one of my 44 years plus a few extra.