In the past I’ve contemplated in running classes on how to take a good photo of your dick. After seeing many many photos from really unflattering angles and even where it’s pointing straight at the camera (hint: it looks like a fleshy coin with a tiny hole) I was wondering how at all these people thought it was their best angle.Some of these guys had much nicer than anticipated members when I saw a different angle or I saw it in the flesh.

More recently I’ve been misled in the other direction just as often. I don’t think it will come as a surprise that I’m quite partial to admiring some generously proportioned equipment. I don’t exclusively play in monster section of the toy department but those guys are fun to look at and meet occasionally. 99% of the time I’m more than content playing in the regular section. Lately I have discovered some guys that seem to have found their angle. What looks very nice in the photo can turn out to be a little (pun intended) underwhelming.

Most of the photos I’ve been sent online seem to fit either of the categories, flattering or not at all but I want to know where is the middle ground? Where are the photos where it looks good but not misleading? Maybe those classes are needed after all.