The marriage equality postal vote that is wasting $122 Million dollars here in Australia has brought up a lot of emotion in a lot of people, me being one of them.

There’s been a lot of discussion about #theygetavote in reference to everyone that’s ever bullied, beaten or abused the LGBT community being able to have a say in my status in society which doesn’t seem fair. The last week or so I’ve been thinking back to a guy that used to call me a faggot back in High School. Now I’m not really calling it bullying because it never caused any lasting hurt. I was just the easy target being the guy that hung around with the girls and had nothing in common with all the football playing guys.

This guy is now strangely, a friend on Facebook and has been for a while. I have no memory of how that happened but it did. Part of me is really curious to know how he is voting in the vote. I could message him on Facebook and ask the question but what will it achieve? As yet I’m not sure if I will. You never know.