I may not have come out til I was 25 but it was obvious to everyone that I wasn’t your usual butch boy. I definitely wasn’t a football loving kinda kid. Being around a big group of straight men still intimidates me.

Growing up there were a few things I never thought I’d see in my life but one by one they’ve happened. Apartheid was still in force in South Africa and I thought that would never change even though the rest of the world knew that was wrong. It was the same with the Berlin Wall yet that came down too.

Gay Marriage has become a reality in a much shorter timeline than I ever imagined. Even as a teenager in denial I didn’t even think it was a possibility but now in Australia we are having a public opinion poll on changing the laws.

Yesterday, after a controversy about the situation, Macklemore performed Same Love in front of 80,000 football fans, complete with rainbow smoke cannons to enormous support. This is something I never ever thought I’d see. I only watched the football Grand Final because of this situation and I actually cried. It shows just how far we have come. With conservative politicians saying the song was “ramming the gay agenda down the throats of the public” and shouldn’t have been played, the song went .back to number one and Macklemore has pledged to donate his earnings from the Australian sales of the song to the Equality campaign.

I’m still stunned and so happy