About ten days ago I was at dinner with a friend who is an avid photographer and we committed to a photography challenge. It’s the first of October and we are going to post a photo every day for October using the hashtag #ShotTober and/or #Photober.

The challenge is essentially to find something in your every day that is beautiful. It will force all of us participating to look at our day to day routine in a different way which is always a good thing. I have a bit of an advantage at the moment since I am not working full time so there are opportunities to get out and explore new places.

It doesn’t sound like a big commitment to take a single photo every day but making the time to give it some thought as well as the processing the photo afterwards and post it. Some of them could happen late at night. Let’s see how this goes.

The photo above is not my official photo for the day. Just a shot I’ve taken having my morning coffee this morning while my housemate is out of town.