At one stage it was looking like I was going to be working today but that didn’t happen. To be honest I need to ramp up the hunt for work and/or to build up some clients of my own but on a glorious day like this it was a great day to hit the beach.

I’d been house and dog sitting for my sister for a few days and that is on the north side of the harbour. Also on that side of the harbour is Obelisk nude beach which I hadn’t been to in a while so it was a perfect opportunity to get my gear off over there.

It was also a great coincidence that a friend who is living overseas is in town visiting his family so we hung out wang out in the sun together for a few hours.

Now, this weekend is a long weekend here in Sydney and I have lunches etc planned with family, friends and possibly an excursion to the Royal National Park on Sunday. You could say that Funemployment is quite enjoyable. If only I was rich.