In the lead up to my funemployment, my boss and I were discussing ideas about my future career moves. One idea that I had been thinking about was running some photography workshops.

It’s only been the last couple of years that I’ve been confidently calling myself a photographer and comfortable saying I know what I’m doing. People may find that strange after two solo gallery exhibitions but I’d rather err on the side of cautiousness rather than blow my own trumpet completely off key.

I see a lot of photography where I think the ideas are there but the execution is missing some technical skill or the technical skill is there but there are too many ideas in the shot. Sometimes there are no ideas in the shot too which can be just as bad.

So, I’m putting it out there. Do you think people would be interested in coming on a photoshoot of a model with me where I take a group of people along, teach them what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Each participant could get some one on one time with the model as well. I think I have some skills to offer and it would be a fun experience.