Today I spent the day with some of my nudie mates. Five of us jumped in the car and went to a National Park to a trail that we know about. Once we were a few hundred metres into the trail we stripped off and hiked nude to a beautiful waterhole that we have been to before.

We spent a couple of hours just chilling out on the rocks at the top of the pretty dry waterfall, eating lunch and chatting. It was a beautifully relaxed way to spend the day.

There are certain hazards in hiking nude in the Australian bush. Lots of the plants are spikey and you do not want to get any of those spikes in your junk. We were pretty unconcerned about being caught nude as we’d found out about it through some other nudie friends of mine. The trail is pretty hard to find which gives you some peace of mind.

I highly recommend a bit of a nude in nature kind of day.