It’s been over nine years since I last worked anywhere else and 11 since I have had to regularly commute on public transport. Now I remember why I enjoyed driving to work every day for 9 years.

The last couple of days I have had some temping work at an agency on the other side of the harbour and that means getting two trains. I have no real problem with public transport but at peak hour it’s a bit soul destroying. At least the suburb I’m going to means that for about half the trip my train isn’t crowded.

There are perks however. As well as driving to work for 9 years, I’ve also worked in an area where I didn’t see many people. Now I’m back in the world of business and lots of people and it would appear that I’m reacquainting myself with perving on men looking sharp in business clothes. A nicely fitted pair of business trousers does wonders for a man.