Yesterday an argument that was inevitable finally happened. Someone I’ve known for a few years and had some issues with messaged me very innocently yesterday but it descended into a firestorm of crap quite quickly.

Every year or so I get a passive aggressive message where he mentions that I’ve never asked him to model for me. Yesterday he started down that track again but immediately followed up with “better than that bullshit project you did last year” referring to My People My Tribe. That project is one that I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of. The people I met and photographed were awesome and it taught me a lot about photographing non-models.

He tried to call out my integrity with the project because “you’ve never photographed a fat person any other time in your life”. So? Just because I choose to photograph good looking people with great bodies doesn’t mean I am an asshole. And if I’m such an asshole why is he chasing me for his validation?

Verbal grenades were thrown from both sides which I do regret but he is now blocked on all platforms and I’m not going to defend my integrity to someone like that especially after giving so much time and effort to such a great project like MPMT.