There are times when life just feels like it’s trying to test you. Losing my job and being told a dating situation was over on the same day wasn’t great. Now as well as trying to find a new job and make the most of all the opportunities I have in front of me, it looks like my living situation is becoming unworkable. It’s nothing my housemate is doing or anything like that.

Since the renovations I now have ALL my stuff in my bedroom including two bookshelves and a desk. It’s just too crowded in there. There is also a bit of a problem with the internet. The modem is now in a cupboard and the signal in my bedroom is absolutely rubbish. So it could be time to start looking for alternatives. If I’m going to be looking for some freelance design work I need internet that is reliable and fast.

The opportunity that comes with looking for a new place to live is the opportunity to find someone to share with that is fine with a clothing optional policy. It’s not crucial but I would love the freedom of not having to get dressed when I walk to the bathroom of a morning. I know these arrangements exist, I just need to find one for myself.