It’s day two of my funemployment. That’s the term that is apparently used when you are still in your notice period after redundancy but you aren’t working. Some call it Gardening Leave. Funemployment sounds more well, fun!

Surprisingly and very pleasantly, today is predicted to be 27˚C here in Sydney and tomorrow is going to be 31˚C so I’ll be taking myself off to the beach to top up my Greece tan from head to toe. It’s not unusual to have some random beach weather at this early stage of Spring but 31˚C is strangely warm. Let’s not get started on the Climate Change debate. To some of us it’s blindingly obvious but nay-sayers are probably hunkering down in Florida at the moment blaming the gays for God’s wrath sending them a hurricane.

So a few hours in the sunshine today and tomorrow should see a good start to my summer tan. Here’s hoping there are some pleasant sights to enjoy at the beach today!

Update: Well the weather isn’t quite as good as expected. My mate Ivan and I went for a couple of hours but it was a bit cool so we abandoned the beach.