This afternoon the Australian High Court dismissed the challenges to the Postal Plebiscite Survey on Marriage Equality. That means it’s happening and it means the conservatives will be crying that they are being bullied and intimidated by the Yes side. Just because you are being asked to stop being an intolerant bigot doesn’t mean you are being bullied. Nor does a giving someone else the right to marry demean your marriage at all.

It’s important to remember that this vote is not compulsory and also non-binding. It is just an opinion poll. There are several parliamentary members already saying if the vote is for yes that they won’t be voting along with that consensus. They will still be voting no in parliament. So this really is essentially a $122 Million waste of time.

The only way that we can vaguely guarantee a successful outcome in parliament is if the Yes vote from the public is RESOUNDINGLY successful.

I ask anyone reading this who is eligible to vote and thinking of voting no, to email me and have a discussion about why. I promise to be respectful and patient if you do as well. I’m yet to hear a valid argument for voting no but I am happy to have a chat.