The process of being made redundant and starting my job hunt has been a very daunting one but also a really good one. It’s forced me to do things like sort out my portfolio and rewrite my resume that I’d been putting off. Well there’s no more putting it off.

Another thing that had been sitting in the too-hard basket was my website. Last week I bit the bullet and switched over to a Squarespace site. They have lots of different templates to suit all sorts of businesses with very easy to use functionality. As you can see my signature red from the old site has gone but I’m ok with that. The new site also includes my graphic design work as well as my photography.

Fingers crossed it helps sells my skills to the world. In the coming week or two I will be adding fine art limited edition prints to the site for sale which I’d not been able to do with the old site. Please, go and have a look at the new I welcome all constructive feedback!