Last night my father mentioned something that I’ve been stewing on all night and it’s really upset me and made me furious.

A woman I have known my entire life that is acquainted with my family fairly strongly has apparently announced that she’s voting no in the marriage equality plebiscite vote. To set the tone, this woman is someone I don’t like and to use a cliched term, she’s just plain toxic.

Why does her vote on this matter to me so much? She is free to vote how she likes but there are some circumstances that are pissing me right off. She is using her religious beliefs to say no but this is a woman who is on to her third husband. Doesn’t the bible say “marriage is a lifetime commitment.” So she’s broken that one. Then there is the revolting detail that husband number 2 was molesting her daughter for several years and she KNEW ABOUT IT! Her argument was that she loved him.

She is the kind of person that is desperate for validation so having a husband at the cost of her daughter’s well being was something she could live with. Eventually he went to jail and she divorced him.

How on earth, in her tiny little brain, can she be ok with essentially handing a pedophile her daughter on a platter but then not ok with two consenting adults of the same gender getting married?