Some of my friends are now either already at Burning Man or very much on their way. For some it’s their first time and for others it’s definitely not.

It’s been four years since I last went to Burning Man and while I’m in no hurry to go back with so much of the world left to see, each year at this time I get nostalgic for the playa and all the silliness that goes on. It’s such a bonkers place to go and you can certainly make almost anything you like of it once you are there.

Surprisingly I posted a photo on my Instagram on Thursday as my #tbt or #throwbackthursday image and it’s had over 400 likes which I’m pretty sure is a record for one of my images. I was nearly going to share it here when I remembered that I have the above animated gif version.

I was nervous about getting on that duck but then I thought, may as well. Life only hands you a few of these opportunities. Whip your pants off and grab the chance while it’s there.