This is the second time I have written this post. The first attempt was yesterday and it was very angry and ranty. I’ve now calmed down and am going to write it again in a more rational tone.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been on a few dates with a guy that I met on Scruff. We got on really well and there was a real ease and comfort to it while still being very much attracted to each other. On Tuesday night over dinner our conversation was easy and very varied as usual but we delved into the topic of exes which we had covered before. When I’d picked him up that night I’d sensed a shift but during the conversation he told me all about the most recent breakup.

The next morning we were texting and he told me that he didn’t think he was ready to get involved. That meeting me and getting on so well had brought up a few things from the breakup that he needed to deal with. So once again I have been the catalyst for someone to realise they aren’t ready to be in a relationship. I believe him and don’t think it was just a reason to get rid of me.

My dating history, however is full of guys telling me they aren’t ready for something but then within six months they are moving in with the love of their life. If that happens this time of course I will be happy for him because he deserves to be happy but I did say that when he thinks he’s ready, ask me on a date. I want another chance with him.

I am pretty bored with being the guy that guys aren’t ready for. I’m ready. Why not take a chance?