Last week I posed the question on where people stand on photos when they are hanging out nude and I’m quite surprised by the results. Maybe I have a more exhibitionistic readership than I thought or maybe you are all just really chilled out.

It’s no surprise that I only had 197 votes in the poll as I know there have been some problems with voting and commenting lately. Out of the 197 votes the lead result was that most of you are fine with people taking full frontal photos and you don’t care where they end up. A surprising 77 of you (39%) said that you were fine with whatever.

The next top answer was from those of you who are happy with full frontal photos being taken as long as they aren’t shared with 56 votes (27%).

Twenty percent of you don’t want any photos at all taken when you are nude which is the answer I expected to get a lot more votes than the 39 that it did.

Last but not lease with 25 votes (13%) was photos are fine as long as they aren’t frontal.

These results really make me wonder why I’ve traditionally found it difficult to find models willing to pose full frontal. Very interesting results.