Yesterday was the day of my first wedding as Marriage Celebrant, for my lovely friends Ash and Lauren. I’m very pleased to say that I didn’t mess it up and they are legally married and it all went spectacularly.

Early in the afternoon I was really nervous but once I got into my wedding ensemble and got down to the actual location of the ceremony, a beautiful natural rock cathedral, I felt much more relaxed. Then I nearly started getting a bit teary when the bride made her appearance, then again when she was reading her vows and Ash started getting teary. It nearly set me off.

The rest of the night could only be described as one of the most fun weddings and best parties I’ve been to in years. The speeches were romantic, funny and just perfect. The music was great, the dancing didn’t stop and everyone had a great time.

Now I have one more wedding lined up for other friends in a few months and I need to get started in promoting myself as a Marriage Celebrant. Fingers crossed all the weddings go so smoothly.

Yes, the photo above is the happy couple enjoying their first drink as husband and wife while the sun set over the valley.