Last night I had a catch up with David and Adam who I photographed together last December. I’ve been catching up with Adam quite regularly but I haven’t seen David since the shoot. We chat from time to time on Facebook and recently David sent me a message saying that he’d just seen the erotic shoot in QAMA Magazine that I did with Chris. Not only that, he’s really keen to do some artistic erotic work.

Now I knew that David had no problem with full frontal and I had even seen a shot or two he’d done with other photographers where he was a bit aroused but knowing he’s essentially up for whatever as long as it’s creative, interesting and beautiful was great to hear. It’s also worked out really well that I’ve been sent the brief for Issue #3 of QAMA.

So, David and I have two months to refine the idea that we’ve started discussing, lock down the shoot time and make some wildly sexy beautiful images! It’s going to be so much fun. Maybe after all these years lamenting how shy Sydney models are, I just needed to find one and it’s started the ball rolling! Now if I can just keep the ball(s) rolling!