When I was in Naxos, last month I saw a t-shirt for sale that I should have bought but didn’t. It said “Don’t forget to play”. That’s something that as adults we so often do. We get very caught up on what we think we should do and what society will approve of. I really like the idea of just doing something childish every now and then.

Yesterday I saw this video (below) to Macklemore’s new single Glorious. In the video he goes to pick up his real life grandmother for her 100th birthday and takes her out on an adventure day being silly and having fun.

You know how parents aren’t allowed to have a favourite child but grandparents totally are? My grandmother on Dad’s side adored me and we got on like a house on fire. If she were alive today I would love to have taken her out on a day like this just being silly and fun. She had a laugh that was loud and inappropriately bawdy at times. It was awesome.

So, go out and play today. Just do something small and silly to bring a smile to your face.