As I mentioned recently, this morning I went to a “Touch Space Workshop”. There were 18 guys and a huge variety of bodies and ages. I’m the first to admit that I looked around and was worried that there weren’t many guys at all that I was physically attracted to. Then I thought about why I was there and what it was about. It’s not about getting off with someone or being attracted to them but instead it was about letting down barriers about touch and intimacy as well as consent.

There were two groups. One was blindfolded and the other not. The people with blindfolds were receiving touch which could be sensual or even fairly blatantly sexual or just non intimate touch.

It was quite challenging but freeing to take note of who might not have been receiving touch and going to make sure they were included.

When it came time to receive touch while being blindfolded I was lucky. I was never left standing there not being attended to and I quite often had two guys exploring. Being blindfolded even though I knew that the guys I wasn’t into were part of the experience, taking away that visual connection means you just let go of that and any hangups associated with it.

It was almost overwhelming being touched by two people at times in very sensual and intimate ways and not doing anything to reciprocate. I’d recommended it for everyone.