When the nearly-celibate version of Brenton went on holiday, I was hoping he might not come back and it would seem that at least for the time being he is still missing. Slutty Brenton is still having some fun and enjoying the change of pace.

With my housemate currently out of the country for work the opportunities for sluttiness have increased a little. Not that he’d ever stop me hooking up but it just seems easier without a housemate sitting on the lounge when you want to welcome horizontal company.

There has been something that I’ve found a little surprising. Given my tendency to be naked when I’m home alone, especially when expecting previously mentioned horizontal company, I’ll usually have some porn on, clothes off and cock in hand in the lead up to the main event. When the guy rings the doorbell it’s far from unusual for me to answer the door naked and hard. That often gets a comment or look of surprise. My question is why?

If you have already discussed that you are coming to my place because the house is all mine at the moment, and we are going to be getting naked for the shenanigans (is there any other way?) why would it surprise you to find me already naked? I’m certainly not throwing the door wide open so the street can see but if we are about to penetrate each other there doesn’t seem to be much need for modesty. Maybe people expect a bit more of a tease but for a Grindr/Scruff hookup I really don’t see the point.