This week I’ve been chatting to a bi married guy on Grindr. The banter has been fun but along side the fact that he is cheating on his wife having unsafe sex with guys, his ego was making me very uncomfortable.

Throughout all the chat he kept wanting me to tell him how much I wanted his cock and that he wanted my “faggot mouth” to blow him etc. I’m nobodies faggot or bitch and no man will fuck me in my “cunt” because I don’t have one. I’ve just told him that if he needs to dominate guys and feel like their “alpha” then we aren’t going to catch up and have fun.

I also, maybe stupidly, mentioned that I think even though he’s genuinely bi and in love with his wife, that his bi side scares him and that’s why he feels like he needs to be the dominant one over the guys he fucks. He was surprisingly candid in admitting that might be the case.

It’s equally my insecurities at play here but this had gone past Dom-Sub role play scenario and I’m just not into being a hole for someone to use and I’m never going to beg for a man’s cock. As I told him, I have a lot more access and availability to get my rocks off with guys than he does. He also has a wife and kids to lose if he treats the wrong guy like shit.

I’m cutting that one loose.