In the past few years I’ve been getting restless. There was a project that I wanted to make happen but unfortunately the sponsorship money proved harder to get than anticipated. It would have meant packing my life up and travelling around Australia for a year, exploring, filming, photographing and really living a very different life to the day-to-day regular grind.

Youtube has some great videos of people pretty much doing that and today I watched the video below. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the guy living this dream life in the video below is spectacularly beautiful and very much my type.

The prospect of leaving an established life behind is pretty daunting and not something I have the money to do at the moment. While I’m sure there would be moments where it was really tough and lonely, being out in the world by yourself forces you to meet new people and do things you wouldn’t normally. Here in Sydney I won’t go to a bar alone or go out to eat alone. On holidays I will because you have to. There’s no point being out in the world but being a hermit.

Imagine all the amazing adventures, big and small that you could have doing this!