A while back I posted a video from Timo Wilderness about Travelling Near. The idea is that adventures don’t have to be huge global things. Sometimes the best adventures are little ones.

I also pledged to try and do more regular vlogs of little adventures that I have in my own city and nearby. That is still very much my plan but I thought I’d also take requests and suggestions from you, my lovely readers about what you think those adventures could/should be. I will be finding my own adventures as well but is there something you’ve seen or done in Sydney that you think I should vlog about? Or for those of you that haven’t been to Sydney, is there something you’ve heard about you want me to explore?

Keep in mind, these adventures can’t cost me lots of money. The idea is to get me out and about in my own city/region and inspire others to do the same. Most of us are living on limited funds and can’t afford to have big adventures all the time. The adventures should also nudge me out of my comfort zone or be things that I might not have done before.

In the meantime I face the daunting task of editing videos and photos from my month long, much bigger adventure in Europe. Stay tuned!