After a month away, 11 flights, 3 ferry rides, one camper van and one quad bike, I’m home. What an amazing adventure.

I’m not sure I could have picked three more different countries to visit unless I’d thrown in Africa or something but it was well worth the variation in cultures and climates. I’ll get back to blogging properly as soon as I can but I’ve come home to a house being renovated which I was hoping was going to be more complete than it is. Hopefully today the internet will be sorted and things can be slightly more normal.

If Iceland were a person it would be that person you’ve been dying to meet for an inexplicable reason. They aren’t necessarily someone you’d be great friends with but you had a great time chatting to them and being challenged by them having an intense discussion over coffees. They aren’t the person you go to for an easy hangout but you come away from meeting them feeling excited, tired, fulfilled and challenged.

On the other hand, Germany is that friend that you might not have seen for years but they feel comfortable and familiar and very easy to chat to. You catch up like no time has passed and you wonder why the two of you don’t catch up more often. I’m not sure I could be friends with Germany in Winter but then they do have great saunas, both gay and “normal”. They are a great summer time friend to catch up over a large beer overlooking a canal and a park where you can probably sunbathe nude.

Then there is Greece. Greece is that friend that you always eat really delicious food and drink nice things with. You have a laugh and a great time but you spend too much money and apart from both loving the heat and the beach you probably don’t have a lot in common. They go out partying more than you do but they also let you have lazy days in the sun watching the world go by. They are passionate and everything they say sounds enthusiastic, even if they are just reading a bus timetable.

All of these new friends will stay with me for a long time. We’ll stay in touch in one way or another, some more than others. It was great to meet you, some of you for the second time.