I’m now in the third and final phase of my holiday. Greece. Late yesterday afternoon, after two delayed flights I landed in Mykonos. Within two hours I was eating a delicious meal overlooking the old port and enjoying a beer.

Today I caught the bus to Elia beach which is one of the few remaining beaches with a nude section. In years gone by Super Paradise beach used to be completely nude and now it’s completely not and filled with bars and party people.

After a few hours in the sun I might have got a bit too much sun but I feel reenergised and so relaxed. It’s true, I now firmly believe that I’m solar powered.

Tomorrow, after buying a different and possibly stronger sunscreen after today’s effort, I’ll be renting a scooter and driving to another beach on the other side of the island that I’ve been reliably told by two sources, has a nude section as well.

Now, it’s time to go and have some dinner and drinks.