Berlin is a city I had fond but vague memories of from my visit 15 years ago. Last time I was here it was winter and ridiculously cold. This time, it’s summer and I had been hoping to take advantage of the liberal attitudes towards nudity.

Yesterday was my first full day in Berlin and it was a great day. The day started grey and cloudy but by early afternoon the sun was out so after a quick trip to a photography museum it was off to the Tiergarten to get nude in “gay meadow” the little nudist section which is clearly visible to the street and the paths leading through the park. It was fantastic to be able to do that in a city centre.

Then I took myself out to Teufelssee. A nudist heaven in the Grunewald park. As it was a sunny Sunday afternoon there were plenty of people there and I mean plenty. I’m guessing around 300 people of all ages from small children to people in their 70’s. 90% of them were nude and chilled out.

Now I fully understand how nudism should feel. We get plenty of nude people on the beach in Sydney but it never feels this relaxed. It’s comfortable and normal but it still has a slight feeling of being very aware that we are all nude. Here in Berlin, even though I’m sure people were checking each other out it felt like it was so normal to be amongst 300 naked people and it was amazing. I didn’t take any photos because that wouldn’t be very cool but you can check out an article on Teufelssee at Active Naturists here.