Sitting in Keflavik Airport, killing several hours before I leave I’m reflecting on my time in Iceland. Was it the dream that I expected it to be? No. Was it great? Yes.

I’m going to be upfront. Iceland is not an “easy” place to have a holiday. Even now in Summer, it’s very cold for an Aussie who left a Winter that was warmer than this to come here. As popular as it is with an estimated 2 million foreign tourists this year, I get the impression it’s still trying to catch up to it’s new found popularity. We circumnavigated the entire country and in the areas that don’t see as many tourists there are very few options for food and sometimes even things to do. But that is Iceland’s charm. It’s not an overdeveloped tourist wonderland. We paid money to go into a couple of tiny themed museums that were one small room with information you could find anywhere.

The star attraction here is obviously the landscape which can go from lush green hills with a plethora of beautiful waterfalls, to a barren mars-like landscape as far as you can see. Throw in a steaming geyser or bubbling (sulphur stanched) mud pit and you have a tiny little country packing a great big punch. This trip is not for everyone but it was great for me. Challenging as it was.

I hadn’t budgeted on spending 5+ hours driving in one day and not really seeing anything new. would I come back? Maybe one day but I would do it differently but I highly recommend it.

Now I’m off to Germany to explore.