After a MARATHON journey that I have no desire to repeat, I hit Iceland on Saturday afternoon and within a short time of getting off the plane I was in my hostel. My mate arrived two hours later and from there we spent a couple of days in Reykjavik drinking over priced beers, walking for miles exploring and taking photos and eating over priced food. Iceland is damned expensive but we knew that coming into it so it was expected.

It’s now morning three in the camper vans and we are in a beautiful harbour side town called Seydisfjordor. Now that name is not spelt correctly as the Icelandic have extra letters in their alphabet and dozens of accents that I have no idea how to type.

We’ve had two full days on the road and seen so many beautiful waterfalls, enormous glaciers and a lagoon full of incredibly stunning icebergs. This place is magical. You really could imagine mythical creatures and fairytales being based here. It’s just that kind of place.

Sadly my dreams of communal showers full of hot tourists at the hostel didn’t happen. It was only ever me and my mate in there at the same time. As you can see though I did manage a cheeky nude shot at a waterfall which was right next to our campground.