Today (Wednesday June 21) is World Naked Hiking Day and while it’s Winter down here in Australia, in lots of the world it’s beautiful temperatures to get out there and go for a naked hike. Several people I know here would love to be out hiking but given the cold and regular day jobs, that’s not possible.

Up until recently the only naked hiking I’d done was down a steep trail to a nude beach that was clearly marked at the start of the trail. While I’m a nudie at heart I also don’t want to offend people nor get myself arrested. However about a month ago, some friends and I went on a naked adventure to find a trail that we’d been told about. I’ve posted about this naked adventure before and the photos above are from that hike.

The Australian bush isn’t necessarily the most practical for hiking naked with lots of spiky plants and things that bite you but we came out all ok at the end. Being able to relax and have a naked swim and a naked lunch in the sun out in nature was absolute bliss. So if you have a day off and you have the opportunity I highly recommend celebrating World Naked Hiking Day and going for a hike!