I’ve posted about my recent change in workout habits and how good I’ve been feeling for it and while the last few weeks haven’t seen me being as disciplined I’m still enjoying the training style. My trainer is a big time enthusiast of the training style called Animal Flow. Essentially it works your body in different planes of motion using bodyweight and flexiblity. Rather than just moving forward and back, up and down, or side to side like most exercises Animal Flow moves your body in combinations of all of those and it engages your muscles in ways I’ve never experienced before.

We’ve been doing other very functional and challenging styles of training as well with kettle bells and bosu balls. Tomorrow is my last session with the trainer as part of our contra deal where I did some design work for him and he got me closer to being hot for my trip. I’ve been joking that I’m going to do some basic Animal Flow stuff naked in the Tiergarten park in Berlin. Now I’m pretty set on it. Why not do it? There is a nude section in the park which I’m determined to experience since we have nothing like that in the parks here in Australia so why not have a workout at the same time? I may even film it and send it to him for a laugh.

I’m beginning to like the “because I can” approach to life at the moment.