Iceland is an expensive place to visit. Thankfully most of the expenses of the trip have been paid well in advance. My mate and I are staying at the Kex Hostel in Reykjavik for two nights when we first get to Iceland. Part of me thinks I’m too old for a hostel but then part of me thinks it’s great to meet people and it will be a decent way to cut some costs. Sort of. My mate and I have booked a twin room rather than stay in a dorm room. Sharing with a mate I can deal with. Sharing with a bunch of random people, probably not. The twin room still translates to about $300 Australian per night. Ouch.

There are perks to staying in some hostels though. Given this is Europe and the cool, viking, Scandinavian region of Europe, people aren’t shy. We may have to share a bathroom down the corridor from our room but it has communal showers. I’ve long been lamenting the disappearance of a communal shower at the gyms here in Australia. Sure there is the perve factor but let’s be honest, there are as many of us regular Joe’s at the gym as there are muscle gods.

Cultures all around the world have used bathing time to bond with friends, talk about problems and all sorts of things. It’s a time when your guard is down and people are more honest. Back in my surf boat rowing days, there was so much fun banter going on when we were showering after training. Of course, the prospect of seeing hot young tourists all showering together isn’t exactly unappealing.