A while ago I told you all about the erotic shoot I did with the Escort, Chris. The publication that it was for, QAMA, isn’t out as yet but it’s not long now. QAMA is a double edged short sort originating in Persia. qama seeks to disseminate the duality of human constructs and paradigms.” The theme for the first issue of QAMA is Blaq and the definition given was “Black is a void. It is utilitarianism and elegance. Blaq symbolizes both luxury and power. Blaq is everything, yet nothing. Blaq is ancient.”

Since there were no limits placed on the nature of the content and explicit or erotic material was allowed, I decided to interpret the black as exhibitionism and sexual desire. The series is titled “(Don’t) Look” and like Qama explores the double edged sword of exhibitionism and hiding at the same time, through the use of body paint gradually encompassing the model. Blaq, and the black body paint in this instance represents sex and sexuality. Sex and fetishes often start as something you try or dabble in from time to time but they can quite easily become quite all consuming. The struggle is between being proud of your sexuality and your desires or hiding them.

Having a model like Chris who was willing to pose like this was both intimidating and liberating. Intimidating because I wanted the images to still be beautiful and creative as well as sexual and liberating because there was no need for modesty. I actually found myself conflicted while I was shooting wondering whether it was allowed to find it a turn on to have a model walking around masturbating and being so open about his erection. Chris had no qualms about it and actually enjoys being watched but years of conditioning tells me as a photographer that I need to be professional. I’m human though and it was a really erotic shoot.

Below is the video I have put together with footage from the day. I’ve had to host it on pornhub as Vimeo wouldn’t allow it.