I have a habit of not making changes that I need to make until my hand is forced a bit and while I’m not quite at that stage yet, my mind is already thinking of what in my life I need to change. My work situation is feeling very insecure at the moment and obviously I can’t do much about it while I am overseas on a huge holiday but as soon as I get back it’s time to get organised and see what I can do.

My living situation is also feeling like it’s run it’s course. My housemate is a nice guy but he’s renovating while I’m away and as a result of changes which are great overall for the house, it means my bedroom needs to fit more of my “stuff” in it and it’s just not a big room. I’m thinking that I need to take more care and some time to find something suitable as last time I might have jumped from the frying pan into the fire and left a bad situation to go to one that hasn’t been amazing. If I can find someone as open to nakedness around the house, that would be ideal. Far from needing to be nude all the time I don’t want to have to feel worried my housemate might see if I decided to walk to the bathroom with nothing on. Maybe I’d even get to host my own nude drinks nights instead of relying on my friend’s fantastic hospitality.

Maybe I’ll take the momentum of adventure created by the holiday and create some good changes in my day to day life?